Studio A is our main studio. The studio features a large live room with 13 foot angled ceilings and non-parallel walls, a dedicated Iso Room, a large control room with slotted diffusers and suspended bass trapping in the rear of the room.  Studio A was also designed by world famous acoustician, Carl Tatz, featuring his Phantom Focus Speaker System. All rooms are floated 2 feet off street level for excellent bass response and isolation from outside noise sources. There are also hardwood floors throughout the studio.  All electrical is on a 20 amp Equi-Tech dedicated power transformer & is referenced to deep earth ground (10-foot copper ground rods our parking lot) for tight bass response and super low noise floor. All live room cabling is Gepco with 24 mic lines between the live room and control room.   All of the control room cabling is Swiss made Gotham Audio cable. A rarity in any studio, the control room has windows to let in ample natural light (fully soundproofed).



  • Carl Tatz Designs Phantom Focus Speaker System featuring Dynaudio M-1′s with 1000 Watt Mono Blocks & Six 500 Watt NHT sub woofers

  • 20 Fader Avid Artist Series console with full recall

  • Fully Loaded iMac Pro with ProTools 2019 Ultimate interfaced with a Antelope Audio Goliath HD for 32 In & Out

  • Equi-Tech transformer balanced electrical power conditioner providing 20 amp service to all studio equipment

  • 8 channels of API 312V mic pres

  • 4 of John Hardy CO M-1’s with output transformer option

  • 2 Avedis MA5 mic pre’s

  • Sunset Sound SP-1 Tutti pre amp

  • A 1971 MCI JH-110 Mara Machine Stereo 1/2 Reel-To-Reel mix down Tape Machine

  • Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo

  • Inward Connections “The Brute” analog vocal limiter

  • Dramastic Audio Obsidian Analog Mastering Compressor

  • Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Mastering Plus Tube Limiter

  • Cranesong STC-8 Mastering Edition Stereo Compressor

  • API 5500 Stereo Mastering Equalizer

  • Maag matched pair of EQ4 Analog Mastering Equalizer

  • Cranesong Avocet monitor controller

  • Manley Massive-Passive mastering E.Q

  • Kush Clariphonic analog parallel mastering EQ